RIP Doom-Buggy ;_;

Today my beloved turbo-charged VW Beetle was declared dead by my insurance company.

You hauled so many paintings, go me to my first job, drove me halfway across the country, moved me into my first apartment, and even braved having your tires slashed in the city. Goodnight, Sweet Beetle ;_;

Anyway, this is all because I got in a car accident on Saturday. A huge rug was in the middle of the fucking lane on the expressway, and when I swerved to avoid it, my tire got stuck on the rumble strip, I was unable to right myself, and lost control of the car. I spun around and hit the wall with the rear end of the car. For some reason, the airbags didn't deploy, and I hit my head on the steering wheel, pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder, and got a nasty seatbelt bruise. But, considering what could of happened, I was okay with this. I am shocked I didn't hit and other cars, or other cars didn't hit me. Actually, while I was waiting for the police to arrive, I was terrified another car would hit me, because the rug was STILL in the road and people were swerving around it most unnervingly.
The exterior damage wasn't so bad, the fiberglass bumper cracked and the taillight was gone, buuut, apparently the impact crushed the exhaust system among other things.

I need some ice cream and a Jane Austen movie.


I was organizing my vampire books today, making room for the new additions, and I started thinking about when I really got into the genre. I realized that I became obsessed with vampires in 7th grade and...THAT WAS SEVEN YEARS AGO. How did this happen?! That's more than a quarter of my life! How did this much time pass ;_;
I got into neo-paganism just before and Goth shortly after, so I've been a pagan for 7 years, a Goth for 6 years, and a Lolita for 3.


I'm turning 20 in 2 months. I won't even be a teenager anymore v.v


I finally understand how a lot of Japanese people must feel about weeaboos (generally, of course).
I have this friend who has progressively become obsessed with Finland. Her life goal is to go to Finland, she worships all Finnish metal bands, she now even wants to learn Finnish. I don't understand exactly where this comes from besides the connection through metal bands. She isn't one drop Finnish or Nordic/Scandinavian. At best, she's got a teeny bit of Native American. She's not even a HIM fan, which has one of the most fangirlish followings.
It's just weirding me out! I want to go to Finland, I want to learn Finnish (better than my poor conversational skills), I looove Finnish metal and rock bands....but I'm half Finnish. My great grandparents live there (in Kemijarvï), my grandparents house is full of Finnish china and odd things like reindeer bells and old Finnish newspapers.
I admit, I'm partly just jelly because my Finnish-ness is being usurped, but none the less....this is getting very unsettling.

Well that was interesting.

I went to donate blood with my friend Eliza....and ended up passing out having a seizure. Apparently, this happens in .03% of donors, lucky me I guess. I'll be fine, I just feel like shit right now. I don't even remember seizing, I started feeling dizzy, told the nurse, then I must have passed out because I started dreaming. It was very surreal, when I woke up there were people all around putting cold paper towels on my face and neck and taking my blood pressure and asking me if I knew my name and date of birth. I was so out of it and disoriented that I wasn't scared though, I was thinking to myself "oh, did I faint?". It took me a while to become self aware again xD
Now I am lying on the couch with a kitty snuggled around my neck drinking sugary crap and eating m&m's. I feel like all the wind got punched out of me.
But anyway, I did a nice little fairytale series this weekend:

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ukazoo, hairs, and gloominess.

Well, I have some good news. Ukazoo Books in Towson is going to be displaying my artwork and plushies for sale :D They are especially excited by my series of zombified horror authors.

I also cut my hurrr. I cut a couple inches off the bottom to get rid of damage. I've been trying to grow it longer forever, and well with the split ends that was just not going to happen. Also, back to V-bangs obviously. Collapse )

My Lolita-esque Art.

In case anyone didn't know, I'm a semi professional artist xP I draw lots of things, most narrative, rather spooky, and very costume-oriented. I don't know that much that is outright lolita, but I thought I'd collect and post what I have done. Maybe I'll post some to egl eventually...

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